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How To Sidechain Properly

What is sidechain?

Well basically when you have a track you want to make your kick pop/stand out.  In order to do this you have to lower the volume of elements in your track whenever you kick hits. You got that? Joke good :)

What we are going to speak about?

So what am I going to speak about in this article? Well there are multiple ways to echidna and multiple ways to not make it sound bad. If you are going to sidechain future bass or trap it might be divergent from a house track. That is why I divided this article in 2 sections. One will be speaking about house beats and the other about using a compressor to sidechain.

1. Sidechain on a house beat

You can apply both methods on a house beat but this way is quicker en improves you work flow. What you want open a plugging on your synth/sound that you want to have sidechained. If you don't have any (Your daw should have one) you can just automate the volume. But if you do have a VST like gross beat or LFO tool this is the way that it is done.

  1. Apply your vst  to the end of your channel rack and set it to every 4th beat I have provided some examples below.
  2. Automate the volume of the plugging so that the effect only takes place when the kick come in

2. Sidechain using a compressor

This method takes longer but works perfect for futurebass/trap or any track where your drums are in more off variation. 

  1. Route all your sounds that you want to apply sidechain on to a channel and put a compressor on that or you can apply the compressor to the channel that you want to apply the sidechain on. 
  2. Now you route the kick with a sidechain to the channel with the compressor.
  3. Select select sidechain to KICK(or whatever your kick channel is called)
  4. lower the threshold,  knee and play with the release time to get a faster/slower sidechain

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